Proof That GOD Does Exist

(Albert Einstein)

 Given By GOD in flowing spirit

James & Patsiann From Luke

Free Spirits


Proof That GOD Does Exist (Albert Einstein)

Romans 13, 1& 2 (Higher Powers)

  Albert Einstein was a very beautiful soul and a true genius who showed no vanity. He gave us so much by staying connected to the origin of all souls where The Kingdom of GOD exists in the Light of Holy Spirit. Answers came freely to him as he would freely seek them in The Light of The Holy Spirit. Hed sit for hours just seeking and connecting unto The Higher Powers. He knew that all souls have a cover of flesh and blood. Some souls are recognized as being lost which is the absence of glow from the light. As Einstein we are to sincerely Trust Jesus totally, humbly forgive all, accept and tolerate all and stay connected to keep the glow in our souls. The saving of the soul =Salvation. (See illustration of white glowing cross). Amen

  Einstein had so much integrity and determination through good and bad times in his lifetime here on earth. Earth is our second origin of reality. The Kingdom of God is our first origin as the soul comes first; flesh comes second. Romans 8 & Matthew 6:33 Seek ye first the Kingdom of GOD.


Misunderstanding, Lacking Romans 8

We must be born of water and spirit. Because we are all born from water in the womb first we have come to misunderstand where Spirit is to come first, being true purpose for our existence, not flesh. The flesh gives the soul an image and a chance to serve GOD.

Holy (Wholly) Spirit=Whole; Complete, Divine Light, Trust, Forgiveness, Compassion, Mercy and Understanding, Focused on Righteousness


  Unholy, the absence of light, incomplete, darkness, disobedience, deception and illusive, lies and hatred, the absence of The Holy Spirit

  Einstein ran out of time but time goes on so we are here to pick up where he left off. Yes, Amen, we most definitely do know that we have been freely given a revelation to freely give to all who seek Spiritual Answers. This is an act of kindness upon spreading The Gospel=The Spell of The Higher Powers who exist in The Kingdom of GOD. Romans 13, 1& 2 The ABSOLUTE TRUTH OF THE ORIGIN of all souls is here for we are created in GODs IMAGE.

  Einstein may know that we were given this Glory of GOD that we are to freely give by posting it on our web site. He may have been among the saints and angels who accompanied The White Glowing Cross of Changes that came to us so freely on Saturday, October 02, 1993.

(Own Original Footage of The Revelation Freely Given)

  Relative: Prov.18:4 Therefore GOD knows his spirit of love grows when his living water flows. That is why we are called ONE of the same. The body is one of flowing spirit in the flesh, with different purpose, all made from star (light of past) dust. For what is flesh without spirit of life within? From dust we came to dust we return. We do not live without flowing living water added into the dust.  Einstein ref. "E=MC2"argument of theory: Energy is flowing spirit, Mass is flesh and GOD is the light. (Relativity E=MG) Ecclesiastes 3-20 Enjoy life in tradition of good habits. Its part of The Purpose of GOD.    AMEN          Special thanks Wholly Spirits