Chastise / scourged: JOHN 19   (KJV)

1   ¶ Then Pilate therefore took Jesus, and scourged him.

Definition of SCOURGE: transitive verb

1: flog, whip

2a: to punish severely b: afflict c: to drive as if by blows of a whip d: chastise

Examples of SCOURGE

a neighborhood scourged by crime

The prisoner was scourged with a whip.

First Known Use of SCOURGE

14th century

Related to SCOURGE

Synonyms: destroy, devastate, ruin, ravage

Related Words: despoil, foray, harry, loot, maraud, pillage, plunder, sack, strip; annihilate, desolate, eradicate, expunge, extinguish, extirpate, nuke, obliterate, rub out, shatter, smash, total, vaporize, waste, wipe out, wrack, wreck; decimate, mow; demolish, raze; crush, overpower, overrun, overthrow, overwhelm

Near Antonyms: recondition, recover, redeem, rehabilitate, restore; fix, mend, patch, repair, revamp

Definition of CHASTISE:  Transitive verb

1: to correct by punishment or suffering: discipline; also: purify: castrate

2: to prune (to cut off his testis or make one eunuch) (Ref. Isaiah 56) of excess, pretense, or falsity: refine b: to cause to be more humble or restrained: subdue

— chas·ten·er \ˈchās-nər, ˈchā-sən-ər\ noun

Origin of CHASTEN

Alteration of obsolete English chaste to chasten, from Middle English, from Anglo-French chastier, from Latin castigare, from castus + -igare

First Known Use: 13th century


Synonyms: castigate, punish, chastise, correct, discipline, penalize

Definition of CASTRATE: transitive verb

1: to render impotent or deprive of vitality especially by psychological means

2a: to deprive man of the testes: geld b: to deprive woman of the ovaries: spay

castrate noun — cas·tra·tion \kas-ˈtrā-shən\ noun — cas·tra·tor \-ˌtrā-tər\ noun

— cas·tra·to·ry \ˈkas-trə-ˌtȯr-ē\ adjective

Examples of CASTRATE

Farmers castrated the bull calf, the male of all life. (Cut of or removed his testis)

Origin of CASTRATE

Latin castratus, past participle of castrare; akin to Greek keazein to split, Sanskrit śasati he slaughters

First Known Use: 1554   (Ref.) merriam-webster

That is the gospel of him whom they seek, which he has revealed to the perfect through the mercies of the Father as the hidden mystery, Jesus the Christ. Through him he enlightened those who were in darkness because of forgetfulness. He enlightened them and gave them a path. And that path is the truth which he taught them. For this reason error was angry with him, so it persecuted him. It was distressed by him, so it made him powerless. He was nailed to a cross. He became a fruit of the knowledge of the Father. He did not, however, destroy them because they ate of it. He rather caused those who ate of it to be joyful because of this discovery.   (Ref.) The Gospel of Truth