Free Will

Given By GOD in Flowing Glowing Spirit

James & Patsiann From Luke

Free Spirits


Free Will

 When we choose to become aware we have chosen to recognize in a sense all we have become aware of.

Full Circle

 Awareness, acceptance, tolerance, patience and The Love of GOD shall bring understanding as to why we are to forgive all as all in turn shall forgive all.

Could this be so that choosing not to forgive becomes a grudge being held that also becomes a curse? Absolutely! We not only curse another but ourselves as well. Wishing something bad to happen to another is in essence also wishing something bad to happen to you. Life is a boomerang effect in general. What goes out comes back around eventually to either bite you or bless you. Do all with The Love of GOD and many blessings shall come out of what is therefore being done. Amen

John 14: 9 Jesus said, “If you have seen Me you have also seen My Father.”


GOD had a definite purpose for His crucifixion on the cross in The name of Jesus Christ. This is the greatest purpose of all as He forgave all of our sins at the cross; in turn all (we) are to forgive all of their sins as well. The greatest commandment is to love GOD with all our hearts and all that we are.

  An old saying: “One can lead a horse to water but can’t make it drink” (of its own free will at that moment). One can say that the horse is not aware of the water and its purpose to drink. One can say the horse will drink when it thirsts. One can say in faith the horse will drink in free will. One can say of free will I lead the horse to the water, in free will for the horse to drink. It’s all part of GODs purpose for the horse to drink water in free will in any given moment. One can say in my faith I reject the word can’t.

  Good thing and bad thing pending on who is making the choice and whether or not one is seeking and trusting Jesus in all they are and shall become every moment. If one can seek and find a little spark of Joy each day in some simple way then the love of GOD will surely come their way Matt. 6:33. Knowing His Presence and experiencing His Peace allows one to make decisions in life that conform to His Will. When one chooses to practice seeking the Presence of GOD, one will have access to information bringing answers. The information is available to all who seek Him where purpose can be found as GODs Will to control our actions as human.

  Man is of GODs creation as are all other living things of this earth. GOD is spirit and love, man is made in GODs image (spirit and love). GOD is free will therefore also man is (free will) all other of nature are of GODs free will and purpose.

Enjoy life in tradition of good habits. It's part of GODs purpose.  AMEN

Special thanks: Wholly Spirits.