Fathers Living Water

Given By GOD in glowing flowing spirit

James From Luke

A free spirit


JESUS said: John7: 37-38    In the last day, that great day of the feast, JESUS stood and cried, saying, If any man thirst (for love), let him come unto me, and drink (of love).

38   He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.

John 4:14-15     But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.

  Psalm 23: He makes me lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside still waters.

(Genesis 1) The Holy Spirit is From GOD. Where it is written that "the spirit of GOD was floating over the waters of creation"   

  Living Water: If you have ice (solid form) it's still living water; if you have steam (gas form) it's still living water; if you have water (liquid form) it's still living water and it's components did not change just the form. The same is true of the Holy Trinity, GOD the Father, GOD the Son and GOD the spirit. No matter how you shape it, or where it comes from, or what contains it, or what is contained within it, or what of its purpose of flowing, itís still living water. Everything GOD has created is good and all relative by spirit of life and love within living water for without spirit within the water with glowing flowing there will be no life within.

  SAP is living water the juice (supstance) that circulates through a plant, tree or humen bearing it's living water within, with food etc. a fluid considered vital to the life or health of any living organism to drink indeed of as nourishment, medicine or food to nourish and replenish.

  Milk is living water the juice (supstance) that is within a plant, human, animals or fruits bearing living water. That is a white or yellowish liquid or any various liquid for humans to drink of as nourishment, medicine or food.

  Wine is living water the juice that is in a plant or fruits bearing living water. That is a liquid or any various liquid, for humans to drink of as food.

   Cloudís in the sky when ready, to his purpose as nature not of free will they give of them self power and spirit for our lives living water from within to drink of, for our replenishment, to nourish and to water living gardens everywhere.

   Medicine is living water any various liquid, for humans to drink of as natural or supernatural power, a substance used as a remedy in treating disease, preventive, curing and improving with preserving health. It is filled with goodness, power and spirit within. Spirit within throbs this liquid is food for the soul.

    Earth: Our planet of life has 70% (Approx.) water over land. Humans are composed of 93 % (Approx.) water. Science says that where there is water there can be life within the living water. Humans are conceived by living water, nurtured, drink of milk and living water, cleaned, swim and baptized and laid to rest in water. Have songs  "The Sea of love". You will die if you donít drink of it (dry bones). We do not live without living water within. Yet only 3% (Approx.) on the planet is drinkable by humans.

    Matthew 6:33 , To Seek is To Meditate: First I find the GOD given spirit within the flesh therefore all of the good shall be in thy flesh according to His purpose. We humanís are in the kingdom of GOD (within) filled with his spirit in thy flesh, with different callings of his purpose to His will. Humans(souls) are of free spirit to do His called purpose in thy flesh, of them that love His spirit and His laws. We walk in His spirit and in His law then His/his purpose is Complete.  GOD requires tradition of His kingdom to his purpose. This needing action of worship, this action will remind His human kingdom (Souls) that he is Lord of heaven and earth. 1Corin.13 All GOD created is good and full of blessing in His Charity. Humans (souls) only by free will take measure of GODs word that is not His purpose, for only GOD is to measure of human (souls). The rest of his kingdom must receive of His purpose by nature therefore are not of free will or free spirit. Humans (souls) must seek His spirit to receive his blessing from within. GOD knowing this of us requires tradition (the works of faith) to be self-disciplined (self control) to seek Him, in spirit of His making from within. For when you receive you will believe and when you believe than you receive of His making from within therefore achieving His Blessing full of spiritual gifts.

    Spiritual Moment: Humans are GODs moment collectors. How long is a moment or its measure? There is a moment that we humans are all of GODs collectors of His moments. To those that receive the moment or the measure of the moment in His spirit in His charity that He has given, or gives now or ever will give is in His purpose of and for the moment. For what is a moment without GODs blessings or His spirit within a moment that He has made. For of this moment what is the measure, from the beginning to the end? There are moments for remembering and to treasure as there are moments to let go of and forget. Ask the Wholly spirit to show you the difference. For the moment does not move as all passes through it in the stillness of the moment. The only thing moving in the moment is the Spiritual Journey. Of moments passed I worked for a living, now I live for GOD working moments in me. To receive a moment of GOD charity that He has given is a blessing for only He can take them away. By letting go of our consciousness we are submitting all that we are unto Him as He ever so humbly in our subconscious mind gives spiritual gifts so abundantly. All that breathes the air is with spirit therefore having a moment.   

  Flock: Like sheep following in a flock, humans are in a flock of His making. As the good shepherd goes so do the flock. GOD the Father created mother earth and nature, of this we are all made by and of the same that is of His making. When the good shepherd gives us a law, dream, vision, calling, purpose or blessing of His charity we humans (souls) of our free will are to follow the good shepherd with devotion in tradition to His purpose. 

  Human: 1Corin.11:3 It is written in the Bible, that humans (souls) are required to follow as tradition, that a wife (soul mate) will be obedient to her husband, and in his return of this, he should love her body as his own. For when a man gives from within his body with spirit, into her body from his body, then she is of his body in this spirit. For of this action they become as one body (Oneness) of this spirit. We submit to GOD and the wife submits to the husband (soul mates).

  Relative: Prov.18:4 Therefore GOD knows His spirit of love grows when His living water flows. That is why we are called ONE of the same. The body is one of flowing spirit in the flesh, with different purpose, all made from star (light of past) dust. For what is flesh without spirit of life within? From dust we came to dust we return. We do not live without flowing living water added into the dust. Einstein (ref.)"E=MC2"argument of theory: Energy is flowing spirit, Mass is flesh and GOD is the light. (Relativity E=MG)

    Measure: Psalm 23 I say to you if my cup is full, for it is of my understanding of the amount of my cup. If you say to me your cup is full, for it is still my understanding the amount of my cup. For what is the amount of a cup to the understanding of each their own amount that is required to fill the cup. For I ask of you what is the measure of amount required to fill each cup? For my cup will not be full, to your amount for your cup will run over from my amount. For I ask what is the measure of the amount to fill a cup? When I give into you my full cup or all of its measure it is of my understanding not yours. For what is the amount or measure in understanding of a full cup? Selah

   Treasure: Prov. 3:13You may not have understanding or knowledge or the knowledge of the understanding. For when you have understanding of the knowledge then you become aware you have intelligence. For of this GOD given gift in measure from Him you are a treasure to Him, in His spirit in the flesh of His purpose. When you receive knowing it to be true, for of this you are blessed.

   Human Spirit: We are human beings going through a temporary spiritual experience as we are also spiritual beings going through a temporary human experience. ( the significance of two )

  Heaven: Matt. 18:18 All we hold true or worship or bind on earth so will it be bound in heaven. For what we hold not to be true or reject or loose on earth so it will be in heaven. As for me I bind all GOD given spirit He grants to me. For of this action of purpose is heaven on earth in the flesh. For when you believe you will receive His blessings, miracles, goodness and power from His spirit. As for me I refuse to reject of His blessings to me therefore I seek them and pray to Him to grant them to me and hold in remembrance. For of this I can share, teach and give of this to others. I yearn for every spiritual moment that GOD grants to me. Matt.6:9 The Lordís Prayer ďThy kingdom come Thy will be done on earth as it is in heavenĒ.

  Channeling: By detaching yourself from all matter the sub conscious mind is now controlling the conscious mind therefore you have enabled The Wholly (Holy) Spirit to work in you. Channeling is meditation which simply allows this Source of Power there for you at all times to come into yourself to filter your mind. They are always there for us but through so many distractions we have a tendency to ignore them instead of connecting unto them as should be. GOD supplies us with exactly what we need spiritually because He knows all of us very well as He is our soul creator.

  On a television news broadcast not so long ago a guy had been spotted on the beach and overheard by spectators to be saying he was GOD. Misunderstood, ridiculed, criticized and looked down upon is how we are seen by those who refuse to see and listen. Because of our brainwashed society spreading it all around the Majority is the major influence. Therefore major influence rules the majority yet will not influence those who are in the Minority who know the differences of good and bad influence "Thank GOD." Filtering the mind is a function and a wonderful gift to behold recognized as a blessing and a rereward.Isaiah52:12 Therefore ďThem that know ďKNOWĒ. 

  Flow: Keep the spirit moving and the spirit will move us. GOD does not want us to spoil anything or let anything spoil. If we receive but do not give, we are causing a spoil and pollution to happen because the flow has ceased therefore becoming stagnant and selfish. Keep thy living water fresh in tradition and thy love will be everlastting. For in life living water flows up. What goes up must come down and vs. versa. In nature there is a root that comes from the seed that was planted and nurtured. The living water goes into the ground to enter into the root which takes the living water up to the stem to release the living water upward into the leaf.

   Prepare: As a man (soul mate) I am to prepare my place within my center. I am committed to stay in spirit and give into her of His making, this glorious gift that GOD grants to me. For to me in tradition every glowing flowing spiritual moment of His giving is glorious, for it is GOD who has made this gift within me to continue into her, for her to be replenished.

  Prepare: As a female (soul mate) I am to prepare my place within my center. I am committed to stay in spirit and receive into me of his making, this glorious gift that GOD grants to me. For to me in tradition every glowing flowing spiritual moment of His giving is glorious, for it is GOD who has made this to continue into me from him to replenish me.

    Powers: The Powers being received know of whatever want and need may be. There all of the time; here, always near; out of sight out of mind yet insight in mind is truly where we want them to be consciously and sub consciously. One may be under a mild state of hypnosis sub consciously and still be conscious even though being controlled by the sub conscious mind. In Prophecy is the same function of the mind. The spirit can be found in the sub conscious mind that contains nothing of the conscious mind.

    Human male: A shepherd in thee there be, every spiritual moment, out of sight out of mind. Insight in mind is truly where I want to be. GOD given spirit of powers that throb received to know of the want and need of her in me. (up into everlasting life)

    Human female: I am in thee they are there every spiritual moment, out of sight out of mind. Insight in mind is truly where I want to be. GOD given spirit of powers that I receive lets Him, my shepherd know what I want and what I need, to be replenished by his Love into me. (up into everlasting life)

  Replenished: To make full or complete again, to receive as by a new supply of good and power to resupply again. It is a blessing to receive the spirit that is of GODs making of His Love; Charity in giving of spiritual gifts.

   Tradition: The handing down of a belief in custom or practice, to stay in remembrance of a routine continually. For humans must seek His spirit to receive His blessing. GOD knowing this of us requires tradition (Matt. 6-33) and is why He requires us to be self-disciplined to seek Him, in spirit of His making within. We are not to become stagnant and selfish we are to stay in His Blessings in flow of His Purpose to make mark of a moment not yet passed with measure. In Keeping of tradition this action with purpose is granted to us by the spiritual moment of glowing flowing. Penetrating vibrancies is our replenishment, refreshing and rerewarding Isaiah 58:8:  to pass in passing through the moment that is ours in oneness. With remembrance of the spirit that gives to us the flow, we give thanks in return, fulfilling this part of purpose. Kept in tradition only good comes from good habits as with seeking GOD only good comes from Him.

(In Application of Faith)

   Tradition: By human measure: (Ref.)1 day (sunrise to sunrise) Rejoyce enjoy every 3or 4 days of 365 (approx.)  days or 1 year or (1complete trip around the sun).

  Habits To Do: Every day (sunrise to sunrise) of 365 days or 1 year or (1complete trip around the sun).  ENJOY LIFE in tradition, fulfilling part of His purpose. Enjoy the joy in me. Enjoy the joy in you. Enjoy Him in me. Enjoy flowing spirit, with flow. Enjoy the glowing flowing into me.  Enjoy all spiritual moments.

  Words: A spirit of love is in the words that are in this letter, given to me His servant for our fulfillment. For without the words there can be no letter. For our love in words is given by spirit. What do these words say to you? Words are not what they say without spirit of your understanding of the spirit in the words. The spirit has only your understanding of the words given by the spirit.

  Believe: Itís not about having to do something risky, itís about having the courage to do what is right and true. Itís not about running in the dark itís about walking in the light. Itís not about what people say, itís about believing what GOD says to you is right.

  Light: For as I walk in this world of light I will cast no shadow, for GODs light be in me.  A bright candle of habit I will be, day by day, delight to delight. In delight in mind is truly where I want to be, with light showing way of good habits.

  Free Will: Good thing and bad thing pending on who is making the choice and whether or not one is seeking and trusting Jesus in all things great and small every moment .If we can seek and find a little spark of Joy each day in some simple way then the love of GOD will surely come our way Matt. 6:33. Knowing His presence and experiencing His peace allows me to make decisions in my life that conform to His will. When an individual soul practices the presence of GOD, that individual will have access to information. This information is available to all individual souls and in that information will be found purpose of GODs Free Will to control our actions as human (souls) and divine spirits.

  Full Circle: What goes up must come down and vs. versa. Recycling is replenishing and has fulfilled a purpose. When the rays from the sun absorb the water from the earth it is being filtered by the sun as it is taken into the atmosphere. For life; in life living water flows up. In nature there is a root that comes from the seed that was planted and nurtured by living water. The living water goes into the ground to enter into the root which takes the living water to the stem to release the living water upward into the leaf. From that point on a bud forms to blossom therefore patiently waiting to be pollinated. If it is not pollinated it has a different purpose altogether and goes no further. Instead the bloom from the bud falls off and no fruit has formed to reproduce the purpose of the plant. The blossom not being pollinated falls to the ground defeating the purpose to produce to therefore replenish the soil. It has a new purpose as compost replacing the purpose to reproduce.

In the female human adult eggs are dropped for the purpose of becoming fertilized by the male sperm. If not fertilized the purpose has changed altogether. With the blood flow of menstruation the egg moves on to defeat the original purpose to end up in a recycling process of replenishment as a new purpose.

Everything has spirit and with spirit comes purpose. To complete the purpose is to act upon it. To defy the purpose is to waste it. Moments come with purpose and purpose comes with the moment.

  Waste not Want not: In the winter time our family had a full barrel of good apples, some would start to spoil, grandfather would say eat the spoiled first so they would not spoil the rest not yet spoiled. In doing so we ate spoiled apples all winter long, wasting all the good apples of the barrel all winter long, never enjoying of the good. For us not enjoying of the good, we are wasting and spoiling living water within the apple. Enjoy in this life and the life of love, keep thy living water fresh and good.

Love In The Words Given By Spirit.

The best habit that you can have is to trust in JESUS.

  Every day in all things great and small by seeking Him tell Him that you trust Him. Keep beauty and delight in mind and your vision will always be kind as beauty likewise keeps you in mind therefore all being good.

  Even though words are useless in the spirit world we must use them in the fleshly world. The Spirit feels as the flesh receives the feelings thus putting them into words thereafter.

  The good spirits are just here never ending, never forceful and always helpful to those who seek them and know how to find them.

  Anticipate nothing at all, wait patiently and all good shall come our way in the flow of His Blessings as we trust Him in all things great and small. AMEN, Selah

Summary: For it is necessary to us for us and of us to give of ourselves unto and into one another in spirit and flesh to satisfy tradition. Therefore no pollution, spoil on stagnant living water exists. The glowing flowing of the spirit must go on as within the flesh.

Rejoyce, Enjoy life in tradition of good habits. It's part of GODs purpose.  AMEN




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