In Honor of the LORD and MASTER JESUS CHRIST, Iím giving back in offering/returning that Iím receiving as my worthiness increases there for thy flowing of His/his glory in righteousness well also increas.

 (Master-Baiting) Masturbating Gal 5:19-23(Master: a man who rules or has (self) control) (Baiting: to put for food, to offer, to fish or animals) A fish is the symbol for JESUS before his death.

  Fish swim in water or the liquid of life and are consumed or eaten. Seminal fluid (semen) produced by male fish. (food/drink indeed)

  Tantric: A man offering his semen through masturbating (Master-Baiting) for consumption, in an offering cup, (his wealth of all that he is) these practices was referred to as a "fish", a symbol of the living JESUS. 

  Isaiah 59:16   He saw that there was no one, he was appalled that there was no one to intervene; so his own arm worked salvation (orgasm) for him, and his own righteousness sustained him. (He masturbated in offering and was orally consumed)  Wife / soul mate intervene, encourage your mate and assist him in offering his all, thy spirit will be rerewarded and his all will be consumed.

  John 6:62   What if you were to see the Son of Man ascending where he was before?  ďthat is when you witness the flowing of semen restored from its source"(The substance of the father, is restored to the son.) proclaims that the father is the eternal source of fullness of thy godhead bodily His /his semen, from whom the son is begotten (to bread) eternally, everlasting and also from whom the Holy Spirit proceeds (ascends/flowing/coming) eternally. (Eternal/everlasting, Fathers living water/semen/creator) His/his all is restored.

 Without timidity or shame through regular motivation and encouragement allow the spirit within Therapy plus of each soul mate to keep frequent flowing of His /his gift in tradition, enjoy the good spirit of sharing this beautiful gift of semen. Do not waste His/his gift, as the capacity and need is to be develop and enjoyed of thy flowing semen as come, nurtured and encouraged by the spirit to keep thy worthiness within increases tradition. For in His Honor do so, twice a week, the grater the spirit the grater thy beautiful fruit will Come from within. Remember thy days, to keep thy gift flowing of man/soul mate that cometh from his offering of semen (Well come his wealth of all that he is) to thee. (The significance of two) (one to offer, one to receive in honor) of flowing sweetness in delight. (Acts 2:30 semen is his sweet fruit of his loins)

  Luke 19-10 Seek, flee after, find this gift within thy self, wife / soul mate intervene assist him add your spirit unto him in masturbating and enjoy (in-joy) with him drawing his sweet substance from within him, giving this gift/offering with delight of what you love will bring you delight of love and love of delight. Seek His kingdom within his Coming, with love for you His soul mates, love His/his gift from within. This that has come is Come from within is now restored with honor in tradition.  (The grater thy spirit the grater thy offering/ flowing of His/his sweet gift to thee is Come)

  Eccl 9:9 Wife / soul mate the longer you let the lack of His/his gift in grace from GOD not build up within you, the longer it will take to build up the enjoyment (in-joy) of this gift of power that throbs with energy within you that is within your husband/soul mate so build on this gift/offering from him with honor in tradition in appointed ways on appointed days of twice a week.

 Your husband/ mate will renew your life and love life and sustain you with his sweet fruit of love now within you as Come to eat/drink indeed from within his source, his godhead.  For when a husband/mate gives as offering from his body with spirit, into his wife/mate body from his godhead body, then she is of his body in this spirit. For of this action (In Application of Faith) they become as one body of this spirit, flesh of his flesh indeed. Forasmuch as his offering of His/his sweet semen every drop of His/his making within belongs to Him/him. Man is the master/host/provider of His/his substance (semen) thy spiritual adviser with righteousness and glory in honor from within his godhead, and His husbandís & wifeís (soul mates) be-come replenished and rerewarded in sharing of His/his making now within thy wife/soul mate is rejuvenated with grace from His/his food/drink of His/his wealth and health, his all within sweet delight the glory of flowing semen.

John 12:36   While Ye have delight, believe in delight, that ye may be the children of delight. Heb.2:14   Forasmuch then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood (His/his semen is Come to eat/drink as flesh/blood indeed)

 Psalm 24:5-10 With this, Come is truth: Come is the glory the creator of JESUS, He is the fullness of grace, glory and truth. In that He is the truth and the delight from within his creator/father of himself, is a vassal (cup) full of love for his return for us; He is LORD of host and MASTER of all His glory (semen) within His kingdom Come and righteousness and everlasting love is His/his flowing semen coming from within father and son. (The offering of the gift of life within love is Come, flowing from within) His all will not be lost when all will remember His Cross (Luke19:10)

 Host: Function: noun

Etymology: Middle English hoste host, guest, from Anglo-French, from Latin hospit-, hospes, probably from hostis

1 a : one that receives or entertains guests socially, commercially, or officially b : one that provides facilities (thy godhead)for an event or function (flowing of semen)
2 a : a living animal or plant on or in which a parasite lives b : the larger, stronger, or dominant member of a commensal or symbiotic pair c : an individual into which a tissue, part, or embryo is transplanted (flowing) from another
3 : a mineral or rock that is older than the minerals or rocks in it; also : a substance that contains a usually small amount of another substance incorporated in its structure (semen)

Question ?: How does a man give or offer his flesh to eat and of his blood to drink without cutting himself, without injuring himself, without damaging his fleshly body.

 This problem brings only one solution.  We are to take that which science and self knowledge furnishes us with:ĒHis/his semenĒ is a consumable substance indeed, semi-solid, semi-liquid (living Water), which therefore can be eaten/drank; semen is at once the flesh and blood of the man who provides/gives/offering of himself, because within this substance is found to be His/his seed of his descendants, which is the flesh of his flesh and His/his fruit from within his godhead. It is therefore the semen that is the flesh of JESUS and the son of man is truly nourishment as food/drink indeed.