I am that I am

Given By GOD in flowing spirit

James From Luke

A free spirit


  I am that I am: GOD has given unto to me all what I am today in this moment as I am and all I will ever be in this moment is from GOD, I will not be what I was yesterday, nor will I be the same as I am in this moment, for tomorrow is of moments not yet passed. For when I receive the moment or the measure of the moment that GOD has given, or gives now or ever will give is in his purpose of and for the moment. The moment does not move as all passes through it in stillness of the moment as time stands still theoretically.

Time:  A dimension that man created is time however the only way time can be viewed in mansí creation is by using a manmade object. In theory not yet proven a minute is sixty seconds, an hour is 60 minutes and a day is 24 hours. We are in the year ???? according to mansí theory. To GOD, time is something He has been aware of from the beginning, the time in between and the end of time. GOD is eternal and exists outside of time.

(Rev.1) 8: I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, Which is, Which was, and Which is to come, the Almighty.

(John 4)24: GOD is a wholly Spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.

  Spirit Collectors: We have become spirit collectors. Beautiful spirits can be found all around us all every moment in trusting Jesus. Only good can come from trusting Him. We have been graciously given a very special gift while finding the glory of GOD. As us gathering GODs spirit within, it moves us forward at a variable speed of flow, we must be still in this moment, seeking His giving of spirit in His flow. 

  Granted before our receiving of Him we were not aware of all of the beautiful spirit flow out there all around us. The Spirits love it when they finally get our attention because that is their purpose to serve us.

Note: The measure received individually of Him by those who seek Him is given in relation to worthiness therefore all is relative.

  We are to thank GOD for all the blessing that is of GODs making. We are commented in spirit to do his called purpose in the flesh. We walk in his spirit of his purpose, we believe GODs purpose is of anointing that GOD gives to us and not have this GOD given blessing become polluted. We are in GODs spirit when we receive this as a blessing to us, of GODs spirit within us.

  Daniel 12: Another concept worth reconsidering is that "knowing" will lead to wisdom. This drives us to get to the bottom of the truth. But maybe it's better not to understand everything. Maybe the point of life is not about getting to the bottom of it. Maybe it's simply about living for the sake of living. Maybe life doesn't have any deeper meaning than the meaning that you give it each moment. It can be liberating to keep the mystery intact instead of wanting to unravel it, explain it, write it down and proclaim you've uncovered the ultimate "truth". For me, in any case, saying "I don't know," sitting in silence and being open to listen offers more insight than any analysis or a logical explanation. It is best to keep a clear head that has been cleansed therefore being filtered through meditation. This is necessary in order to obtain the measure of knowledge that becomes you to therefore become your moment in flow.

  The moment we rediscovered our self, GOD reappeared in our life. We no longer have to prove or explain, we praise GOD. We only have to experience GOD, which makes our life even more rich and beautiful. It's wonderful to believe in a beautiful, true GOD. It provides hope and inspiration and gives our life a deeper meaning. When we let go of our blind faith, more space was created within us for   spiritual experiences. A head full of facts and details was no longer standing in the way, which allowed the heart and to speak. Letting go was the best thing that could have happened to us, because now we believe again. Letting go of it all is getting closer to far away where JESUS lives in the light of the stillness not that far away. There is where all can be found. The flow of the spirit within must go on as with the flesh.  

Rejoice; enjoy life in tradition of good habits. It's part of GODs purpose. AMEN