INOCULATION                                                            04/18/2014

CURSE…………..CURE   “fighting fire with fire”

Remove the “S” from the word, curse which represents evil/disease/serpent by using the same disease and there you have “it.”  Ref. Hebrews 6

The cure for the curse/disease is found within the disease itself. This very familiar process is known as “inoculation. A very familiar symbol represents the medical field as two serpents wrapped around a staff.

(Ref. Webster’s dictionary for meaning of “inoculation” which simply means guarding against disease/injection)

All are born into sin needing an inoculation against sin/disease/curse. (Ref. Ruth all 4 chapters) Ruth is a very good read to find instructions necessary for young adolescents reaching puberty. “The young men wrought” is a very strong statement to take into consideration. Our world did not get turned upside down without “The wrath of God.” When God destroyed the Amonites, being tyrants that stood over 9 feet tall known as “giants,” destroyed with the flood, He had a “Purpose” for doing so.

He may have destroyed their flesh but their bad spirits are right there within that age old curse that breached the original covenant thus causing “the fall of man.”

This is the familiar curse that has been hanging around for centuries known as “Reprobation.” Christ, Our Redeemer, will redeem those who follow His Doctrine. (Ref. 1 Tim. 6) (Redemption will help the discerning process of choosing the “Right” to become more effective when knowing what to keep and all that should be let go of)

God is Holy therefore we are to be “holy” as well to be known by Him and to have a One on one relationship with Him, bonding with Him. Ref. John 17

The Holy Book, the “BIBLE” instructs us giving us ways to receive our saving “Salvation.”

“Salvation” is the substance needed for “inoculation.”

Conception/Protecting the fetus/family bonding

At “conception” the male semen filled with sperm fertilizes an egg that has dropped down from the ovaries of the female.

During the pregnancy cravings persist to come about. The initial craving of the female by nature is the male semen. The female is not aware of this unless she has been made aware of “it” previously in some way/whey.

The reason this happens is for protecting the fetus in building up the immune system to guard against disease.

Therefore “what has created life as a fetus shall also sustain it.”

The female needs the creation substance to balance her hormones for mental assistance as well as for building up her own immune system.

Taking the injection by mouth and sharing with the male, father of the child is known as “Sanctification.” Ref.2Tim.1:16 and 4:19 (house of Onesiphorus, found in the “Bible” when broken down becomes “one sip for us = “sharing = charity also found in Scripture. (Ref.1Corinthians 13)

This is acceptable as it is honoring and praising God, Thy Creator. Ref. Rom. 1

Daniel 9 explains prayers and supplications being used to weaken “the curse of reprobation. (Ref. Rom. 1:28)

Since April 2008 being now over 6 years ago, I and my spouse have been sanctifying our love together by using “Thy Father’s Love.”

“It“ is a highly potent supplement containing all nutrients, antibiotics, etc. that are necessary for sustaining good health. Being the only one from The One absolutely no prescription is necessary as “it” is not far away, is pure without spot and free living water from Our Heavenly Father, our Savior known as Christ Our LORD.

(Ref. Rev. 22) (ref. Math. 7) 13 Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:
14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.
15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.  (King James Version) (believed to have been written by “Noah” the great grandson of Enoch, being the seventh generation from Adam)

Our New Book Father’s Living Water 2  will become available for purchase soon as it is presently in production stage with our chosen publishers.


Rapture means” to get caught up” therefore a whole lot of catching up must be done to retrieve all that has been lost.

The Van Luke’s eyes have seen, witnessed and documented on tape the spiritual return of Christ Jesus Our Redeemer along with His saints and angels. “His Promise” being kept, not broken is fulfilled prophecy to repair the broken covenant. (Ref. Psalms 118:24)

The authors were spiritually abducted over twenty years ago by His Light. (Ref.(KJV) John 9:5) He is The Light of the world. (see golden illuminated illustration)

UPLIFTING messages being delivered within FLW were previously relayed unto these authors, spiritually. Minds need repair as twisted minds will not function properly.

The urgency cannot sink in unless “rapture” has begun within the minds of the readers.  Sadly, most of the world’s adult population who should have mature adult minds have not been made aware that they are living under that age old curse known as “reprobation.” (Ref. 1Corin. 2:16) Ye all have the mind of Christ). Our mind of Christ the positive side in us all must become activated.

This “curse” that took place way back in the Garden of Eden of the Old Testament does have a “cure.” The Holy Bible is referenced over and over again within the contents of this book. The curse breached the original covenant between God and man thus begins the “fall of man” who has twisted the “HOLY TRUTH” that all Come from. (Ref. Rev. 22) (Rom. 1:28)

Flesh and blood sacrifices found within the Old Testament have been highly misunderstood. Christ is The New Covenant which clarifies the misinterpretation of flesh and blood sacrifices.  Only “right answers” with over twenty years of research results in the book being very well referenced.

1Peter2:9-25 For ye are a chosen generation of a royal priesthood, a peculiar people zealous in His Good Works, who once did not obtain His mercies but now do.

(1 Peter 2:16)(Psalms 118) and His mercy endureth forever.