Chief Twist of Wisdom


From A Chief to Follow In Tradition


A New Twist of Wisdom, with the Application (Works) Faith of Knowledge


Given By GOD in flowing spirit


Through Utterance

James & Patsiann From Luke

 Free Spirits / Soul Mates


Chief; Which Has Sprinkled With Living Water, To Dedicate This Book Which GOD Hath Enjoined Unto All (Heb. 9:19)

JESUS, the mediator of this covenant; enjoyed by all in JESUS.

Introduction:  Therefore I walk in the world of light; I will cast no shadow for the light is in me. JESUS says, “Take up your cross and follow Me.” He is telling us to connect our souls to His as His Cross is His glowing Soul.

 My inspiration for writing comes from the wholly spirit. My family and most of all My Wife / Soul Mate, has also inspired me as they have received from me as I have freely given of myself. I will continue to write and teach, giving of myself unto others as long as the wholly spirit allows. The following is a compilation of how and what I am being taught therefore I am giving of myself in sharing.

  Natural: What nature gives to us as beautiful, wonderful and free has become replaced with many illusions or deceptions causing more problems than solutions. By tradition our ancestors could cure themselves of disease. They knew how to use their healing powers or natural remedies to cure diseases. There is something natural and free that exist within or somewhere in the world as a cure for all diseases. A solution to every existing problem can be found somewhere out there or within.

 Meditation is the best medicine for the mind as it can bring healing powers.  To seek is to find and to find is a gift. In the stillness of the spirit is where GOD and Love can always be found. Be still and trust Him. Let go of whatever it is that puts you inside the box instead of into the flow of the spirit outside of the box. Let it all go and wait patiently for the flow to come to you in the stillness.

  Ruled by influence of manipulative power of suggestion, brainwashing has us in a box, whether we are awareof it or not. Instead we should be thinking outside the box going with the flow of the spirit within. Sometimes we do realize it pending on our state of mind. The state of mind may tell us it does not care any way. Everything GOD has created is good, full of his blessing and spirit within. He is in you as you are in Him. Whole and complete is to use the fleshly mind to let go and connect to the flow found in our subconscious mind.

   Natural or supernatural medicines are any substance used as a remedy in treating disease, preventive, curing and improving with preserving health. There are natural spirit enhancers coming from within and nature when used wisely and correctly can increase our chances of finding our true destinies. Therefore everything GOD has created is good, full of his blessing and bliss spirit within and has a definite purpose.

 Forasmuch as a secret is not a secret until you hide it. Forasmuch of all these are not a secret.  (Them That Know” KNOW”)  

Rejoice; enjoy life in tradition of good habits. It's part of GODs purpose. AMEN 

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