Mindís Eye / Spiritual Journey

Given By GOD in flowing spirit

James From Luke

A Free Spirit

Mind's eye

  The phrase "mind's eye" refers to the human ability for visual perception, imagination, visualization, and memory, or, in other words, one's ability to "see" things with the mind. One can say (Out of sight out of mind; insight in mind.)

 Physical basis

  The biological foundation of the mind's eye is not fully understood. fMRI studies have shown that the lateral geniculate nucleus and the V1 area of the visual cortex are activated during mental imagery tasks. The visual pathway is not a one-way street. Higher areas of the brain can also send visual input back to neurons in lower areas of the visual cortex... As humans, we have the ability to see with the mind's eye -to have a perceptual experience in the absence of visual input. For example, PET scans have shown that when subjects, seated in a room, imagine they are at their front door starting to walk either to the left or right, activation begins in the visual association cortex, the parietal cortex, and the prefrontal cortex - all higher cognitive processing centers of the brain.

  Not all humans have this ability. With eyes closed, some humans report that they can visualize, or imagine, detailed scenery that is not just a memory. Others however, cannot. These humans report that while details of visual memories can be recalled (with eyes open), the images themselves cannot be brought up, even with eyes closed.


  The use of the phrase mind's eye does not imply that there is a single or unitary place in the mind or brain where visual consciousness occurs. Various philosophers have criticized this view others, have proposed that the brain's electromagnetic field is consciousness itself, thus causing the perception of a unitary location.

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See In Spiritual Journey

  Seek and you will find, believe and you will receive spiritual journey. We know youíre out there, you know we are here all of your spirits are so pretty, all of your spirits are so happy. Spirits take us with you; out of sight out of mind yet insight in mind is truly where we want them to be consciously and sub consciously. The good spirits are just here never ending, never forceful and always helpful to those who seek them and know how to find them. One may be under a mild state of hypnosis sub consciously and still be conscious even though being controlled by the sub conscious mind. The spirit can be found in the sub conscious mind that contains nothing of the conscious mind. The only thing moving in the moment is the Spiritual Journey. Find the GOD given spirit within and all of the good is in the flesh. Therefore the spiritual journey is inside of you without distance, all are in one of spiritual journey. The spirit is free floating moving forward as free spirit within. One can have visual perception, visualization, and memory, the ability to "see" things with the mind within the glorious journey. For of this GOD given gift in measure you are a treasure to GOD in his spirit of his purpose. Spirits love it when they finally get our attention because that is their purpose to serve us in journey. Keep beauty in mind and your vision will always be kind. Focus in tradition and stay focused.

SUMMARY: To summarize is to perceive understanding.

GRATTITUDE: To show appreciation

  We thank GOD for you and for you being shown to us. The perception of a Spiritual Journey comes through as the body actually going somewhere because of seeing so much beauty along the way yet the flesh travels nowhere. The mind takes the journey as the body is at total rest/peace. Therefore the body is connected to the mindís eye only in spirit.

Spiritual Journeys are mainly for the soul to become replenished so afterwards it can help the flesh.

Enjoy life in tradition of good habits. It's part of GODs purpose.  AMEN

Special thanks: Wholly Spirits