PREACHERS TEST    (TITUS, CHAPTER 1) If you would like to participate in this test as well and you are not a “preacher” just e-mail us with your answers at We will answer you.


This short test contains questions relating to Biblical Scriptures taken from the King James Version of The Holy Bible, the Dictionary and Internet Sources.

The contents of the test was inspired by The Holy Spirit and orchestrated as well to be documented by two souls becoming redeemed to in turn be given to preachers for a major purpose. (LIFEGARD EFFECT)

In order for preachers to save others they must first become saved. Jealousy and envy must not be welcomed here or else The Holy Spirit will not be present.

To begin the saving process they must become redeemed before they become qualified to teach “Redemption/Rapture.”

(When the video first starts there will be a short segment not included in our video. Allow it to pass then the “cross in the sunset” will reappear found within the center of the cloud)

There is so much confusion in our world today therefore Jesus Christ returned over 19 years ago leaving His Signature in His Cloud. He left His White Glowing Cross there in His Cloud that made up the Sunset on October 02, 1993. He returned with clouds at a time and in a place when and where we think not as Scripture tells us so. In the Middle East, known today as The Holy Lands, Jerusalem and Israel especially are referred to as Holy Lands yet biblical wars have been constant there for centuries. To be correct on this matter this is not very “Holy.” Also when Israel and Jerusalem are spoken of in the “Bible” as also with Jacob, they are all known as God’s People, not the land there, but the people all over the world. In the beginning was the word and the Word became flesh is found in John 1, therefore making us Word People coming from The Word that became flesh. Tis so very simple yet for some odd reason confusion must be known so somehow it manages to wiggle its way into our lives.

Since our Holy Bible is based on The Holy Spirit of Righteousness teaching us through “His fleshly prophets” His Supernatural Spiritual Return, His Second Coming, became “His.” He is here to spread His Light, “Orb” as many call it, throughout the land as He spoke of doing within Scripture. His Holy Spirit has become much more effective with His Second Coming. Many sightings of His Light/Orb, have been reported from all over the world. John 9:5

We are to honor and worship the AIR energy and spirit praising it or else there would be no life. Being conceived is a very spiritual process known as “conception.” Conception must take place before becoming born of water then shortly thereafter born of the “Spirit” which is in the energized “AIR” taken in at our first breath taken. This process defines “Being the Heirs of Christ”…caught up in the air/heir with Him. 1 Thes. 4

He’s here to fix a broken people in a broken land, to repair our minds which mess with us therefore messing us up. He is and has come for us. Amun/Amen/Amon

Until the preachers form a “Belief” in His Spiritual Return, that puts emphasis on flesh, God’s People, their redemption will not be whole/complete. (Halfway) will not solve any problem as it is only slowing it down a bit. The process must be complete to work and become effective as His Doctrine of Truth defines sanctification. They are halfway teaching their congregations but because of “Deception” they are not aware that they are and continue to do the best that they can with what they’ve been taught. They are not aware of Reprobate minds/Reprobation being their curse that is a major obstacle in their way of becoming redeemed/raptured. Luke 23:34, Daniel 9:11 KJV

As long as “Deception” remains to be our present leadership more and more problems will keep coming our way.

Therefore, once His Return has gone public then people will have the right to exercise their “Free Will” either connecting it with the WILL OF GOD to “Believe” or rejecting it. Romans 1:28 (the curse of “reprobation”) Reprobation is in all minds and so is the mind of Christ (1Corin. 2:16) defining “Bi-polar” that all Humans are. Positive vs. negative as some are much more one sided than working on becoming balanced as God intended. Of course He is the Creator of both good and evil, bible tells us so but when following His biblical instructions correctly we will be lead unto the righteous path of “Balance.” Amun/Amen/Amon


Jesus Christ was of Gnostic belief therefore if the Gnosticism Doctrine known as The Gospel of Truth (ref. Reluctant Messenger on line) is not believed in and obeyed by us then a Christian we are not.

1.     Why do we spell Jesus, James and John with the symbol “J” when it was not

known about before the 17th century according to Marion Webster’s Dictionary.

2.     Do you believe in the Immaculate Conception? What part of the year did it occur?

3.     What substance created us in the Image of God and what takes place at the moment of conception?

4.     Why is the spelling of the word, tomorrow changed from the correct way to spell it also found in the Bible which is to morrow?

5.     Why do you think Noe, Noah, Zion and Sion all in the Bible, are each “two different spellings of each word?”

6.     Why is the NIV version of the Holy Bible so different than the KJV and why do preachers and scribes go against The Word of God? (In the NIV so many changes have been made…even taking away the color red of the letters when Jesus is speaking) Revelations 22 specifically states that we should not add to, take away or change anything about His Words as well as speaking of, mentioning “the Curse of time.” Why is this allowed to continue and do you think it should be stopped or continued and why?

7.     Why are the letters red where Jesus is speaking in the KJV of the Bible and not in other versions?

8.     Why was “Prophecy” given and why is The Word of God full of life lessons and instructions as well as biblical clues in helping us to better discern?

9.     Why is our “Holy Book” called “Bible” and what does the word “Bible” mean exactly? Is Liberty and Bible related in any way and if so…how?

10.                 The Bible instructs us not to cut a tree down and bring it inside our homes yet we do it anyway by tradition. Are all known familiar traditions followed today orchestrated by The Holy Spirit or by man?

11.                        What is the biblical interpretation of the bread of life, who in the Bible, specifically is telling us about it and in what book in the Bible is it being told of the most?

12.            How can a man give of his flesh and blood without cutting or disfiguring    himself?

13.            What is the “Godhead?”

14.            Who is the Lamb of God?

15.            What is the Marriage Supper of the Lamb?

16.            Why do we not call God “Emmanuel” which is defined as the god within all?

17.            What is “The Living God” and the water of life and their relation?

18.            What is the fountain of thy youth and the fountain that never shall run dry and their relation to one another?

19.            What is the last name of Jesus being His Sir Name?

20.            Define “filthy lucre.”

21.            What does “for Thy Name’s Sake mean found in the “Bible?”

22.            Define “Omnipotent” and Potenate, biblical words.

23.            Why is it a biblical requirement for a grown man to return to from whence he came using the biblical function known as sanctification?

24.            Is Biblical Prophecy intelligently designed to accent and protect “Humanity” and if “yes” then please describe how your mind recognizes this?”

25.            We are aware that “Life” is our greatest fleshly gift so why do you suppose the Bible states that “Understanding” is our greatest Spiritual gift? Prov. 3:13 KJV

26.            What is “All Saints Day” and what well known familiar name has replaced it?

27.            Bonus Question: Define Seminary   (worth 10 points if correct)

****After The Holy Spirit and our staff at His Return complete the grading of each test that we receive a response will be applied with the correct answers and their references as well as your grades.

Thank you all for your interest and participation may you be blessed as we wish you all the best. All of His/his children said, Amun/Aman.