Thy Self

Question: Do you know thy self? Who and what thy self is? Do you have what there is no law against you to have, within you?  (Gal. 5:22-23 Fruit of the Spirit) love, joy, peace, faith therefore there is no law against any of them.  (Your soul / thy self is within)

Self- realization: Complete fulfillment of thy self.

Self- renunciation: Desires toward the benefit of others.

Self- serving: Supplying self with what is needed. (Within sharing)

Self-control: To keep strong seeking of good traditions or habits. (Works, the application of faith) Believe in yourselves, for that is what brings you to your everlasting beauty from within.

  Seek and find thy self (self-awareness), love of oneís self before you can love others. Love the spirit of thy self. Draw of thy self from within thy self. Lift up thy self and love what the spirit has given into you within. Share all the love that thy self have within, if you keep what you have within, that is not sharing your love, rejoice in loving thy self as you will love in giving of thy self to receive.  How can you love if you do not love that which comes of thy self, that which is from within thy self. Love what you give unto others of thy self this is the gift of all within love. When you love that what you give/receive, that is a gift of love from thy self. (Against such things there is no law)

  Seek and find this gift within thy self, draw that what is within thy self and give that gift with delight of that what you love this gift will bring delight of love and love of delight. Seek the kingdom within and show that this is that which you love.

  Offer this gift from within of love, there is none grater than thy creator, than the gift of love from within, giving of this gift is now made complete. Forasmuch not knowing of this love canít give this love. This is not love of thy self; this is the love of what is given unto you to love, love this gift and the giving/receiving of this gift from within thy self and thy self will receive love in return unto to thy self.   (Significance of Two) (Within sharing love from within thy self) (There is none greater than LOVE)

The Book of Babylon 49: Thy tears, thy sweat, thy blood, thy living water, love, thy faith shall provide unto thy self and others.   (Everlasting love flowing into everlasting love)

1Corin. 2:16 JESUS as the inner man, who had to be reached through the path of self knowledge "the kingdom of heaven is with you" (Luke 17:20-21) (Seek ye this kingdom within thy self)

Soul Mates Prayer: Lord, show us the feeling of your love, we know youíre out there, you know we are here all of your spirits are so pretty, all of your spirits are so happy. Spirits take us with you, let us go and enjoy your flowing into us, into your making and feeling all the love within. For of your spirits flowing will add into us as your making within. Lord, your spirit within living waters quenches the fire of want and need within our passion. Of all things given unto us of your love, we give our thankfulness to you Lord in advance. For All He/Creator giveth; only He can take away. (Significance of Two)   AMEN