Soul Mates

Given By GOD in flowing spirit

James & Patsiann From Luke

 free spirits

GOD given soul mate of love for men:

John 4:24: GOD is a Spirit: and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.

1Corin.11:3 It is written in the Bible, that humans are required to follow as tradition, that a wife should be obedient to her husband, and in return of this, he should love her body as his own.

Soul: An entity, spiritual part of a person.

Mate: A matched pair, couple or union, to share the joys of life with appreciation of one to the other. For man & woman do not live by bread alone.

Glowing: A still burning or with life.

Flowing: To transfer from oneís own possession to that of another. The giving is an honor.

  Glowing flowing spirit of love within her mate is food for her soul and flesh. This is filled with GODs love in the flesh a spirit of love within the flowing glowing of GODs making. This spirit that is within is like sap in the Tree of life (healing tree), filled with spiritual goodness, power and spirit within. His mate is thus replenished, and rerewarded. This contains power that is with healing, that is made by GOD, filled with a measure of what his mate needs. This glowing flowing spirit of love is given for his mate to enjoy freely and abundantly, of this will be a blessing and rerewarding of both its bliss. For of men this is their GOD given purpose to share freely and enjoy this glowing in good habits. With purpose of enjoying the glowing feeling of the glorious power of the flowing into his mate, as it is GODs purpose as a glorious blessing to his mate to receive from her mate, for this action each are blessed by feeling the glowing spirit of love of life in the flesh. Cherishes every glowing and realize that this is now a wonderment growing inside each, as a chance in life to assist GOD in a miracle of His making. Seek in view of GOD living joyful love, holy and pleasing to Him this glorious spiritual act of worship with devotion in good habits. Walk in His spirit of purpose, knowing it is of anointing from Him, do not let this GOD given blessing become polluted. Soul mates receive this as a blessing of GODs spirit of love within soul mates. Therefore everything He has created is good, full of His blessings having a definite purpose of spirit within, the spirit of love within glowing flowing raises us up to what we can be; upmost best friends & lovers to each other.

                                                  GOD given soul mate of love for woman: 

   I his mate am aware of glowing flowing spirit of love am free and ready to receive from my mate what He prepared for me. Be still and trust Jesus, for within the stillness of His Spirit His Love always can be found.

  Our love takes us higher I (his mate) am free with spark of good habits, for our love to become higher from the glowing fire. Mates need to let go, we go higher in spiritual glowing fire. The spirits want to be with us, just let it go into the spirit of glowing. For this glowing flowing spirit of love will add into our glowing. Mates do this in good habits in love of glowing spiritual life in us both is bliss. To receive a moment that GOD has given to us is a blessing for only GOD can take them away.

    For glowing spirit in me lets my mate know the spirit of love is with power to let go and enjoy the love of life that I have within me is ready to enjoy glowing and sharing therefore no polluting is now within me. When his beginning is finished or the end of his flowing will come to start a new beginning of glowing of me (his mate). Insight in mind is truly where I want to be in good habits. GOD given spirit of powers that I receive lets him, my soul mate know what I wanted and what I needed, to be replenished by his love now within me. To have a glowing flowing voyage within me is its purpose. Through our receiving we are complete. For of this action mates become as one body of this glowing spirit. We submit to GOD and the soul mate submits to one another of our free will.    

  The glowing spirit is a free floating free spirit with glowing love. The gathering of GODs spirit within moves us forward of free glowing spirit of love within. Itís a living thing, itís a given thing and itís not to be wasted, all the goodness is not a secret, GOD made the glowing flowing spirit of love for us. For we donít want to be heartbreakerís to GOD but love makerís of GOD, raises us up to what we can be. For it is necessary to us for us and of us to give of ourselves unto one another in spirit and flesh to satisfy tradition. Therefore no waste or stagnant love exists. The flow of the spirit must go on as with the flesh. Therefore GODs gift His spirit of love is inside the soul mates is one spirit. This is me and I am this together, we both exist you can see me for I am in this and of this flowing now within me.

  Enjoy life in tradition of good habits. It's part of GODs purpose.  AMEN