Never Ending Testament


Significance of TWO

Given By GOD in flowing spirit

Translated By

James & Patsiann From Luke

Free Spirits


Significance of TWO

Significances of TWO Equaling “ONE”

Two ultimate processes make up our Universe. Star Dust (with living water within) and Energies (with Spirit of Light).

To make up Planet Earth there are two processes being Father GOD and Mother Nature to equal “ONE” very complete; whole planet.

  The sun that heats the air draws up water from the earth that contains the elements that are used in making living water, filtering and adding into that makes the rain must be done in two processes. Therefore keeps the living water flowing (rain) fresh on the earth. This process of flowing prevents polluting, spoil or stagnant living water. This living water is for us to drink, replenishment and to nourish us and water our gardens everywhere.

  Within humans the same is true the flow of living water must continue in spirit and flesh, therefore no pollution, spoil or stagnant living water exist. The flow of the spirit within must go on with the flesh. All that GOD makes is good and from GOD, the nutrients are of His making to nourish and grow in Him and of Him. 

It takes TWO

  Example: (1+1=2) (one to give, one to receive) (one to give love, one to receive love) (one to teach, one to be taught) (one to be partaken of, one to be replenished by) (one to make, one to use) (one to seek, one to find) (male, female) (one to look, one to be looked at) (spirit within, living water) etc. etc.

  No matter how you shape it, or where it comes from, or what contains it, or what is contained within it, or what of its purpose of flowing, it’s still living water. Everything GOD has created is good and all relative by spirit of life within water for without spirit within the living water there will be no life.

When you think of the words for example: “Can’t see the forest for the trees.”

This simply means that you are looking at something but not truly seeing what you are looking at.

The Key to seeing and not just looking is to have the Spirit within your seeing the something you are looking at. It will be seen in a state of absolute reality instead of a mere illusion of reality.

The sub conscious mind must be the leader of the mind’s thinking in order to see clearly. This process is including the mind’s eye and the instincts that are found in all sub consciousness. For Example: “There’s more there than what meets the eye.”

Focusing on Righteousness To do it right we must focus. How do we focus? To focus is to become aware of and concentrate, totally. Let go of all other thoughts that interfere with the process of focusing. No distractions whatsoever can interfere with totally focusing.

We must look at the overall picture as “ONE.” We look at it as a whole, not in pieces/parts.

Really look at it good. If something is broken it needs repairs because it won’t work.

Our minds are similar. They may work but not properly. They need repairs. Every day our minds need fixing. Why? So we will do what we do right.

GOD’s Time is our time to equal Sacrifice. We spend time with Him making His Time, ours. We are both sacrificing to do so. (Oneness)

With GOD’s Time leading we can let go of all of the insignificant stuff we keep holding on to taking up space and time and cluttering up our minds. It’s so easy to allow our emotions to run wild when not making love. Keep emotions at a low level when humbling oneself unto The Holy Spirit.

Trust and Obey

  Our instincts stay sharp by seeking and finding Thy Wholly Spirit. Once found, Trusting is the Key. We must completely trust in Thy Wholly Spirit that dwells within. The Soul is asleep without being found and awakened by Thy Wholly Spirit. Be still, wait patiently and trust Him and He shall come out of the stillness of the light to find you.

Enjoy life in tradition of good habits. It's part of GODs purpose.  AMEN